How do I edit income/expense reports? (I don't want to change my transaction register)

I figured out how to manually add things in my transaction register but then that changes my overall balance and makes it incorrect. I just want to add things to categories in reports.


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    The reports are going to display the data that is coming from the underlying transactions. You can not go in and change amounts, etc. in the reports (at least not with clicking through and affecting the underlying transactions in the register.)

    You can choose to customize the report to change dates, categories, accounts, etc., but it still will be accurately reporting the source data from which it is being drawn.

    I am not 100% sure of what your goal is here as you mentioned changes to your register makes your overall balance incorrect. If the source transactions are wrong, you need to solve that, and the reports will follow suit. If your goal is to create doctored reports, Quicken won't let you do that. 
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    @dadlestein, Why don't you explain HOW and WHY you want to change the reports ... without changing the transactions themselves?

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