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download of transactions for same amount

I appear to have found an issue with downloading transactions from the same account for the same amount on the same day. I have had several examples through the years. I used to pay my credit cards with balances, the same amount, but only would show up when I would do an One Step Update. Another situation was when I would ATM fast cash for $100 on Saturday and then again on Sunday - only one would show up when I ran update on Monday. NOw I just had the same thing happen with hand-written checks. I moved to a new apartment and they need a check for the security deposit and another for the first month's rent. Today when I did an update only one showed up. Anyone else see this issue? Has this been discussed before?


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    There is a known problem with Express Web Connect that Intuit has never fixed (Quicken Inc pays Intuit for the service).

    Each transaction is given a unique Id so that Quicken can check to see if the transactions has already been imported and skip it.

    Intuit generates these unique Ids for Express Web Connect and the system they are using will assign the same unique Id to any transaction on the same day with the same amount.  Even though your transactions are on different days they are over a weekend, and I suspect that the financial institution puts the same date on all of them because they don't process them during the weekend.
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