Quicken Hangs (infinite loop) when starting

Version R25.25
Today, when I open quicken with my datafile it goes into an infinite loop and doesn't recovery even after 10 minutes. During this time it balloons my datafile 5 fold.

I uninstalled quicken, rebooted and reinstalled. Same issue.

Quick starts ok if not run with my data file.

I created a new test datafile and it also opens ok.

So there seems to be something wrong with my old datafile.

I know that there was a patch available at the first of May (QWCA27.1.25.24MPatch). I downloaded and installed the patch (today - did not install in previously).

This did not resolve the problem.

I am able to open a backup file from TWO months ago (I was running R22.35 at that time).

None of my backup files since that date will open without causing the infinite loop. Obviously, these files cannot be corrupted since they were opened by quicken at some point in order to create the backup in the first place.

In order to recover my data changes over the last two months, I would like to install an older version of quicken (say R25.22) and open the backup datafiles that I have saved from May.

Where do I find older versions of quicken so that I can download and perform the recovery?

Failing that, what logs can I look at to see what quicken is trying to do during the infinite loop.



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  • ta
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    In the qw.log file there are only two lines executed in the failure scenario:
    Sat Jun 06 07:42:59 2020
    Process id : 1504 Thread id : 1408 : Time 07:43:03 : DbC EnsureViolation 'pSchedTx->id.acctHandle != ((HACCOUNT) 0)' in SchedTransaction::ValidateBase (SchedTxn.cpp @ line # 4026.)
    Process id : 1504 Thread id : 1408 : Time 07:43:04 : DbC EnsureViolation '0' in SchedTransaction::ValidateBase (SchedTxn.cpp @ line # 4038.)
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    Sherlock, thanks for your help! I have been having problems with reminders for quite some time now in that "Auto" reminders would not get entered and I would have to edit them to be non-auto and then manually enter them when they come up. After I changed the system clock back to May 29th I was able to open my datafile! This was a relief. Thank you for the suggestion. For June 6th, I had 3 reminders to be entered, I moved them to June 9th and closed the file. I set the system clock to June 6th and the problem reoccurred. Augh. I set the system clock back to May 29th and took another look at the reminders (along with any loan payments that would have been due around June 6th). I saw another 10 reminders that came due on the 9th of June. I auto enter the reminders 3 days in advance so any of these reminders may have been the problem. I started deleting the reminders one at a time and re-trying to open the file. I got tired with this quickly and decided to moved half (6) of the remaining reminders to a future date but the problem still occurred. I then moved 3 of the remaining 6 reminders to a future date and was able to open the file on June 6th and then again after changing the date to June 7th. I then moved the reminders back to the proper date and all was fixed. I never did find the broken reminder as it could have been any one of the 13 reminders I had due on June 6th-9th and the problem may have resolved itself when I edited the reminders and changed the reminder date. Fingers crossed as I go forward but at least I have a work-around, thanks to your suggestion. Thanks again. Tim
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