What's the difference between download ID's starting with INTUIT or a date sequence

So now I have hundreds of duplicate downloaded transactions, mostly in credit card accounts. One set starts with "INTUIT" the others with a date sequence '20200504090010. I've been deleting the INTUIT ones. Is that okay?
And when I can see the transactions that are downloaded are duplicates WHY??? can't I delete them before I accept them? I mean I can, ONE at a TIME!


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    Did you recently change the connection type from Direct Connect to Express Web Connect or the other way around?

    When the Intuit servers create the unique Ids (Downloaded ID column) they use the format: INTUIT-1032323123
    Most of the time when using Express Web Connect the Intuit servers are creating the unique Ids, there are some exceptions where the financial institution creates them, but that is pretty rare for Express Web Connect.

    When using Direct Connect Quicken gets the transactions directly from the financial institution and so the financial institution is creating the unique Ids and they tend to have a format like you describe where is based on the date.

    Note that in the case of the Intuit created ones that number gets reset if you reset the connection or deactivate and reactivate.  The result is a flood of about 30 days of duplicate transactions because the unique Ids change.

    Ideally you want to be using Direct Connect if it is available.

    And to answer the question about deleting multiple transactions in the Downloaded Transactions tab, the answer is no.  The workaround is to accept them all into the register and sort by order entered so that you can use the power of the register to select them and delete them.
    See this FAQ on that:
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