Whenever I update quote information, Quicken duplicates some of my securities.


Everytime I download the quotes for securities. Quicken duplicates some of my securities. After de update process, I end up with my original security where all the historical transaction data is store but the CUSIP number is now blank. And also I end up with a new identical security (but with a " 1" at the end of the name) that has de CUSIP number but no transactions.

I delete these newly created security everytime but it keeps popping up everytime I update. I originally had all my securities matched to online securities, they all had their CUSIP number (no some don't because of whats happening).

I have also try comparing the online center to my Quicken Account, but even though I have two identical securities, it says that QUicken Account and Brokerage Account are in agreement.

This had happened to me about 2 months ago for some securities and I actually changed the entire history to the newly created security by quicken, and erased my old security. It happened again.

I honestly don't know what else to try?

Please if anyone can help me,

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  • Bernardo Sacchini

    I erased the duplicated securities. Then went to the original securities, but in all of them the "Matched to online security" box is grayed out - see image below.

    Any other suggestions?
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