Downloaded Transactions Not Showing to Manually Review and Accept

6/10/20: Having the same problem as others have previously reported (

Downloaded transactions are resulting in 'red flags' next to the accounts in list, but NONE of the transactions are visible when I go into any of the accounts. Have confirmed also that the Online Center page is also showing "Quicken 2017 See What's New" within the top yellow boarder area, center. Latest Quicken version 2020, R26.21, No overdue scheduled transactions and validation of the file shows no problems or concerns. This is a NEW problem that has just surfaced.

What is the FIX to this problem, not just a TEMPORARY work around mentioned at ??

Oh yes...... when I click on 'Compare to Register' tab within the Online Center page, NO EFFECT ! The downloaded transactions are still not visible to review and accept. A useless tool for this problem.

HIGHLY FRUSTRATING.......... as most things Quicken have become...... :(

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