Suntrust/Truist Divesting My Bank Account

As part of the Suntrust/BB&T merger my bank accounts are being sold to First Horizon. The change is supposed to happen next month. After the change happens, should I be able to update my existing accounts in Quicken to download from First Horizon? I want to keep all of the transaction history in the same accounts rather than start new accounts. Of course I will backup all of my data prior to the changes.

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  • David Green
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    thanks. I would not have removed the old account number. I am familiar with linking vs adding during the reconnect. Also before I make any changes I'll look at the accounts at the new bank online to verify things, They say none of the transaction history will move over.
  • NotACPA
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    The theory behind my method is that, from your perspective, it's all the same account ... it's just being held at a different place.
    IF you want to record that switch-over, record a $0 transaction with info in the Payee and Memo fields.
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  • David Green
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    I don't need to record the switchover, I just want to do it without messing up any of the data.
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