I have some real old transactions that have never cleared. How can I delete them off without changing my bottom amount? I am clear with the bank.


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    You can't delete them without changing your Balance (in Q) in that account.  The balance is a calculated, running amount so changing/deleting any transaction changes the  most current balance.
    What you CAN do, however, is simply select those old transactions and manually mark them as reconciled.
    The easiest way to do this is to click on the CLR column header in the account (which will sort all currently reconciled transactions first, then the "c" transactions and then the " " (blank) transactions.  That should put all of your questionable transactions pretty close together.
    Then hold down the CTRL key and click each transaction that you want to change. After you've selected them all, RIGHT click in the CLR column and select "Reconcile Status" and then "Reconciled".
    Click the DATE column header when you're thru to re-sort the account back to date order.
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