Vanguard 401k Fee Transactions Not Downloading

I just noticed that Quicken is not downloading any fee transactions from my Vanguard 401k account for 2020... it's always done and marked it as 'Remove Shares w/ Memo of Investment Expense'

Why would this be happening this year?


  • MangoMan
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    When you say "it's always done..." - Do you mean you get a downloaded transaction from Vanguard?
    Also this is worth reading depending on if you itemize for taxes and the total of all your investment expenses.
  • jsurpless
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    > @MangoMan said:
    > When you say "it's always done..." - Do you mean you get a downloaded transaction from Vanguard?

    Yes, it's been doing it since 2017 which I believe is when I first started downloading from Vanguard with Quicken
  • Chris_QPW
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    @jsurpless Quicken doesn't "pick" the transactions that get downloaded, especially not for investment accounts, which have to be Direct Connect.

    Quicken makes a request for transactions giving a date and that is all, from the financial institution.  What the financial institution sends is up to it.  If it is failing to send certain transactions, that is a problem that only the financial institution can resolve.

    Now if the transactions are coming down, but Quicken Mac is recording them incorrectly there is two possible causes.  One is again the financial institution is sending the wrong information (there is an action type in the transaction).  Or Quicken Mac is interpreting the action type incorrectly.  This second part possibility is unlikely because it would affect a lot more people.  And on the first possibility again it goes back to the financial institution to fix.  The OFX logs would be used to pin down the exact problem.
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  • jsurpless
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    OFX logs? Where can I find these? How would I work with Vanguard to resolve this?
  • lhossus
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    Quicken for Mac logs can be accessed from Help > Show Logs in Finder

    Open the OFXLog.txt file in any text editor.

    Alternatively, you may be able to download an OFX file from the Vanguard website. While not guaranteed to match what is being sent to Quicken, in might be instructive as to where the problem lies - and may be easier to make sense of initially than the OFXLog.txt
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  • jsurpless
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    Hmmmm, just did an OFX download and the Fee transactions added correctly...

    I'll have to reach out to Vanguard, I guess and see what they have to say
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