What in the world happened to my checking account??

Somehow the program split my checking account into two accounts today. From 2017 up to current my data got split with one account having 200,000 positive balance and one have 200,000 negative balance. All my paychecks were one place and saved bills in one account and all other data in other account. Was trying to get it fixed and all the paychecks that had split into the "new" account had no split data other than bank account net effect. Lost all transfers like 401k and FSA account transfers. All the debts lost split transactions so all interest splits were lost. Utterly ridiculous. This all happened when a one step update got hung up and had to restart. The program has been a disappointment for a while but this may be the last draw. The mobile app has never worked properly. Routine transaction failures on upload. Even the register couldn't keep a correct balance on many occasions when it would double count a register entry and only get back right after having to restart. It has been annoying for a long time but the screwball stuff today may end my 25+ year relationship with Quicken.


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    Can you restore from a backup that you created before this happened?
    Because, my 1st guess is going to be data corruption.

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