Security Name used to remain for next transaction

I have several investment accounts that "sweep" income into a cash account every few days. This leads to many repetative Buy transactions a month into the same account. In the past when reconciling statements at the end of the month when I would enter a transaction, the account name would remain in the Security Name box for the next transaction. Now the Security Name box is cleared for every transaction requiring me to manually enter it every time. Is there a way to change the behavior back to how it used to work?

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  • DonJames
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    <sigh> OK, thanks for the explanation
  • UKR
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    Does your broker download these sweep transactions?
    Mine has never done that, so I have, years ago, changed my investment account register, sold all sweep MF shares (only in Quicken) and stopped entering individual sweep transactions. Other than causing needless work for me, it wasn't necessary to laboriously enter them from the monthly statement.
    To successfully reconcile all I have to do is to add the amount rolled into the sweep account to my uninvested Cash balance.
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