All categories showing up in Spending tab after filtering?

On my [up-to-date] version of Quicken, when I go to the Spending tab, I can drill down to specific categories and payees, in the pie chart up at the top. However, the transaction list at the bottom half of the window still shows transactions from every category, not just the drilled-down one. Even if I drill down to a single category up top, down below all transactions are shown.

Does anyone else's do this? Is it a bug? Is there some logic to this approach that I'm not seeing?

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @KnnNike,

    Not sure why, but my Quicken program still does what it has for at least several years now - it does exactly what it should - it shows details for the part of the pie you click on.  Not sure why yours isn't working properly.  Does the bottom section ever change?  Maybe you should try exiting the program and restarting.


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  • KnnNike
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    @Frankx that's the weird thing; it does seem to change, especially once I get to the payee level up top. It narrows down to a particular payee, but still displays all categories for that payee.

    I've tried restarting, creating a new data file copy, super validate, etc...nothing has changed that behavior.
  • KnnNike
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    @Quicken_Tyka I'll do this if I have time, but most likely it's not going to happen...if I'm being honest. Your Tier 1 customer support is pretty much useless for anything other than the most routine questions, based on about 10 interactions I've had with them in the past several years. Every time I contact them with an "advanced" problem, we spend an hour going through the script -- even though I've explained in clear detail the steps that I've already done -- and it ultimately comes down to "just create a new data file", which I'm not willing to do.
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