Why are my reminders suddenly no longer automatically entering into my accounts?

Previously, reminders would automatically enter when I logged in if the bill was coming soon. Now, they either never enter, or only enter if I log in on the exact day the reminder indicates. So for example, if I have a bill due June 30 and a reminder set to enter 7 days in advance, if I logged in after June 23, the reminder would enter. Now, if I do not log in exactly on the 23rd, the reminder doesn't enter, and there is no way to force enter it. This worked fine until an update about a month ago. Since I only log into Quicken ever 10 or 14 days, this makes the reminders completely useless. Did a setting change?

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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    dburnt said:
     there is no way to force enter it.
    In the Bill and Income Reminders dialog, there is an Enter command at the top left in the dialog's menu bar. This works on Auto reminders even though Enter This Reminder does not appear in the right-click menu for them.
    There do appear to be lingering issues with reminders. Today I had one "come due" that had been entered and paid weeks ago.

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  • dburnt
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    OK, that is something...I never go to that screen (i use the Bills & Income tab itself - strange they wouldn't have similar functionality). In the last month, I've logged in every 3 to 5 days and so far have had less than 10% of my reminders work, so there is a bug.
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