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Home Inventory & Emergency Document Organizer

Robbieblindt Member ✭✭
With Quicken not supporting home inventory anymore, and emergency document organizer as an add on service. Quicken is missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

As a professional firefighter injured in the line of duty. I have been using Quicken for more than a decade. I see the value in have both home inventory & emergency document organizer in disaster preparedness. Recovering from a disaster is pain stacking process.

Now I believe these programs should be more incorporated into Quicken. If example: If I purchase a refrigerator and enter that transaction into my account register. I include an attachment of the receipt or photo. I believe there should be a checkbox that ask to include into home inventory. So it is more streamlined.

Likewise if starting an account Quicken should ask if information should be incorporated into emergency document organizer, so it is not redundant process.

I believe this would be a huge selling point for people in hurricane zones, tornado alley, earthquake areas, flood zones, the list is endless.

These two add ons really separate Quicken from the other money software programs. With all the free software available, and other paid programs, Quicken is not the cheapest one out their.

This is one way of selling Quicken to the younger generations that might settle for a cheaper or free money software.
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  • YingDave
    YingDave Member ✭✭✭✭
    I use Home Inventory - not sure why you can't see it. Probably depends on the version you have? I have H&B. Have you tried the Property& Depbt menu?

    Having said that Quicken Home Inventory needs a ground-up re-write upgrade. Not sure you could sell it in it's current form as a feature. Also hangs the first time you run it because it's somehow already expecting to be connected to a data file. Takes a few goes and a few 'Windows Task Manager - end task' to finally get it pointed to your data file with File,Open.

    The splash screen says copywrite 1999. So it has languished for 20 years. Even Reckon in Australia (distributor of Quicken) re-wrote Home inventory into a more slick looking front end (same data table behind so it's not a major complex development). Consider for example attached of "Detail View" by item - takes a postage stamp size dialog no matter how much you resize the screen. IT does as you said to add items by highlighting tansaction then clicking "Home Inventory" on account bar or from Menu /Property&Debt /Home Inventory. But it does not take over attachments. The dialog box of where you stroe the Receipt/Records shows it's age including 'on videotape'!!

    Please Quicken give this program and overhall and update it's appearance.
  • mshiggins
    mshiggins SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Agreed. Home Inventory and Emergency Records Organizer are two under-appreciated Quicken features that could use an update. 

    Quicken user since Q1999. Currently using QW2017.
    Questions? Check out the  Quicken Windows FAQ list
  • jaxbaum
    jaxbaum Member
    It looks like this has now been fixed with the latest update, but you need to reinstall Home Inventory and/or Emergency Records Organizer. Exit Quicken and follow the instructions: https://www.quicken.com/support/installing-quicken-home-inventory-and-emergency-records-organizer. I was able to reinstall and it fixed the problem with the blacked-out screen.
  • Lonestar10
    Lonestar10 Member
    I just reinstalled Quicken for Windows on a new computer. I can't get QHI to launch properly. It hangs and freezes, not allowing me to select the QHI file location.

    Luckily, I have other home inventory software (all of them suck), but Quicken's is the most useful because it it ties to my financial information, which dates back to the early 1990's.

    Come on, Quicken, please fix and update this aging program!
  • Lonestar10
    Lonestar10 Member
    edited September 2020
    If you are stuck in a situation where Quicken Home Inventory no longer works, there are some alternatives.
    As others have mentioned, [removed] can read QHI and IDB files, but the program doesn't display all the information (at least it didn't for me).

    If you want to start fresh, try a program called [removed] from [removed]. It's Windows only, but it's feature-rich and can be easily customized. Best of all, it has many ways to export your data so it won't be orphaned like Quicken, sadly, did to us.
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