What version of Quicken should I buy (use) for Win10 ? Still using Q2000 Canadian -

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Hi, I have been a Quicken user for well over 20 years. Believe it or not, I am still using Quicken 2000 (Canadian Edition). It is working fine and is all I need. The problem is that I have lost the original installation CD. I am planning to get a newer laptop running Windows 10, but will not be able to install Quicken on it. I have not kept up to date with the newer versions of Quicken and am concerned that the latest version may not open the old QDF, QEL, QSD and QTX file formats that I have. I do not really need to upgrade....I am a Senior in my late 70s and am comfortable with what I have.
Is it possible to still purchase the old Quicken 2000 somewhere?
Or, what newer version of Quicken would still be compatible with my old data files?
Thank you in advance for any help and suggestions.


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    Hi, Rick:

    You mentioned that your needs are simple, but if you wish to continue to use Quicken, then the cheapest/easiest route would be to get the latest version (2020) and start a new file.

    Quicken 2000 is roughly 20 versions out of date and conversions are definitely not supported for a two decades old version. Even if you had the install CD, it wouldn't run under Win 10.

    The earliest version of QWin that will run under Win 10 is Quicken 2010, and even that would required some older version conversions (i.e. 2000--> 2004, etc.) Obtaining those older versions, especially Canadian versions (which you would need to convert accurately,) can be pricey. Those would have to be obtained 3rd party. 
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    Thanks John, I appreciate your response. I am going to ponder this before making a decision. I am not keen to work through several versions and file conversions. I am only using Quicken in the original, primitive way. Just maintaining a database of purchases and transfers. Reconciling statements manually. Not tracking stocks or investments. No online banking transactions. If I had a current version of Quicken, I would likely not use most of the features and abilities. I have Quicken 2000 working properly on 2 Sony Laptops, both running Windows 10. Now I know that you and many others have reported that old versions of Quicken would not work properly with Windows 10. Perhaps it is working for me since I do not use any online features, such as bank statement reconciliations or stock or investment tracking. Anyway, I am content with what I have, and my only concern is that if both of my functioning laptops were to expire, I would no longer have access to 25 years of banking and credit card history. It is unlikely for both laptops to expire at the same time, so I will not be in a critical situation until one of them does. At my age, it may be me who expires first, LOL.... Thanks again for your reply.
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    What I would be tempted to do is get this free version of Quicken Windows 2013 Deluxe US and use it.  With multiple currency turned on it should probably meet your needs.  Not none of the tax information will be correct for the Canadian use, but it seems like you don't need that.

    (Expand the "If you are converting from Quicken 2004 through 2009" section)


    BTW from what I understand even though this is the US version it will convert the Canadian data files.  So it should even be possible to follow that procedure and get Quicken 2004 to convert your Quicken 2000 data file, and then one more conversion to Quicken 2013.
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    OK, I realize this topic is of little interest to the vast majority on this forum, but I would like to make a final report on this subject. To review, I have been using Quicken since 1995, when the program was installed from floppy disks. Later I moved up to Quicken 2000 and have used it ever since. Just using it to keep track of expenses, not tracking investments, and reconciling accounts manually. The problem was that I had lost the installation CD, and would not be able to re-install if my computers crashed. I knew that the current and more recent versions of Quicken used different file formats and I would have to go through several steps to convert. I really did not want to go through all that, especially since I would likely not use any or all of the modern features.

    Others have posted on the forum that older versions of Quicken would not load or run properly on Windows 10 computers. This may be true in many cases, but I have been running Quicken 2000 on two Sony VAIO laptops with Windows 10 with no problem at all. True, the online Help does not work, but as a veteran of the program, I do not need it. Anyway, as I was pondering what to do, I started looking online for a replacement Quicken 2000 CD. I did not find it, but I did find Quicken 2001 on Amazon, and purchased it. It arrived in the mail yesterday and was indeed the real thing. It installed just fine, and when I loaded the backup file it quickly converted to the new format. All is working well.

    So the story has a happy ending. Just wanted to say thanks to those of you who had responded with suggestions to my original posting. And also to let any other old timers like me who have resisted upgrading know, that it is possible to keep going, heh....heh....

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