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I am looking for a report that will show an alphabetical listing of all my stocks owned, overall cost per share, etc. and then a breakdown underneath - subtotal by account (E-trade, Ameritrade, Fidelity, etc.) the number of shares held, cost per share, ROI, etc. I have tried to generate one but # of shares, and avg cost are not available column headings. Is there a similar canned report or way to create this?

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  • MangoMan
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    For example:
    Name Sym Total Shares Avg Cost Per Share Price ROI Total Value
    Ford F 1200 $5.75 $6.48 1.08% $7,776.00
    E-Trade 300 $6.15 5.37% $1,944.00
    Fidelity 400 $4.85 33,61% $2,592.00
    Ameritrade 500 $7.58 -14.51% $3,240.00
  • MangoMan
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    Yep -That doesn't work either. Doesn't provide number of shares. Might be time to move to a new program after 30 years of pain dealing with the vagaries of Quicken.
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    It provides the number of shares for each holding if you click on Customize and add the Shares column to the view.

    If the primary sort and subtotal must be by security, you would have to sort the data and compute the total number of shares for each security in Excel.

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