How to move two seperate Q12 files on two Q12 computers to one computer

I maintain both my files and my parents files (since 2000), currently on two separate computers using Windows Q12. I want to continue to maintain both files separately, but move them to the same "new" computer. I have installed Q20 on the new computer. In reading the other posts, I think I may need to purchase another copy of Windows Q20 to get a 2nd ID... Correct? Any suggestions on how best to "transfer" the QDF files to the new software/computer with the least risk of loosing the previous two decades of transaction history?


  • NotACPA
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    Take a backup where the files currently reside, and restore to the desired destination.
    Just make sure that the files are named differently ... so that the 2nd restore doesn't over-write the first (or your data file).
    And if you're moving your parent's files to the computer where Q is already installed, no additional purchase, or additional Q ID, is needed.
    BTW, most of the SuperUsers already have multiple Q data files.  I have 5 ... including one used for nothing but testing.
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    If the OP is using Quicken Mobile or Quicken on the Web and wants to keep their information private, they would need a separate Q ID.
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