how do i convert a qdf to a qfx or visa-versa?

I need to import a file to fill a gap in my records

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    Hi @Restrich,

    Can you give us a little more in details?  Exactly which types of accounts and files are involved (i.e. is the file you want to import a *.qfx, *.qdf, *.qif, or some other extension or type of file)?  Which type of Quicken account would the data be imported into (checking, investment, asset, liability, income, expense, etc.)?

    Also can you tell us which versions and builds of both Quicken & Windows you are using?

    In Quicken - go to "Help" > then "About Quicken"

    In Windows - type "system info" in the Search box > the click on the "system Information" icon.  Thanks.


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  • Restrich
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    Thank You for responding Frankx. Through perseverance I have figured out how to accomplish what I set out to do.
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