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After a couple of my mutual funds have spit (both split and reverse split), some pre-split investment prices include the effects of the split. For example, if a fund has a 10-1 split on Feb 15th, a price on Jan 20th of $150 (prior to the split) will be listed as $15. This is skewing portfolio graphs, etc. While the price can be manually changed, is there a better solution to this issue? I'm using Quicken for Mac - Deluxe 2020 (5.16.1)


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    Hi @Joe W. Brown, CPA,

    Did you observe this early price change activity for more than one fund?  Can you give us the ticker symbol(s) so we can try to determine if others have this same issue?  Also, can you tell us which versions and builds of both Quicken & Windows you are using?

    In Quicken - go to "Help" > then "About Quicken"

    In Windows - type "system info" in the Search box > the click on the "system Information" icon



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  • Thanks. The funds are:

    FOCPX (10 - 1 split) in May 2018
    SVSPX 1-8 reverse split in April 2020).

    I'm using QMAC 5.16.1, Build 516.33903.100.

    I haven't tested this in the Windows version.
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    I have this exact same problem with the same fund pricing for SVSPX. This same issue occurred when the stock split in April 2020, then it was least it looked fixed when looking in Quicken (both the chart and the Investing summary table), then it broke again, maybe in June 2020. I'm using the same as Joe W Brown. Quicken for Mac, Version 5.16.1 (Build 516.33903.100). There seems to be a mismatch in Quicken between the unadjusted historical fund prices in the transaction register for this fund and the historical fund prices that are downloaded which are seen in the Securities -> Price History tab for the fund. I've tried to find the unadjusted historical quotes for this fund to overwrite the downloaded quotes, but I can't find them. A fix would be apprciated!
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    @Joe W. Brown, CPA @amaneta  Someone else may jump in here with more information about this specific pricing issue, but I just want to say that reporting this problem here in this community forum will not lead to a fix. This forum is not Quicken Support.

    If you'd like their help resolving this manually, or escalating if there is an issue that needs to be fixed behind the scenes, you need to contact Quicken Support. The easiest way to do that is on the Quicken Help menu > Contact Support. That gives you the phone number (phone support is open weekdays) and a link to the Support site, where you also have the option of using chat support 24x7.
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    Thank you, jacobs! I have contacted Quicken Support already, but they seemed to have no clue about what kind of a problem this was or how to fix it. They actually told me that it was probably something to do with whatever server provides the pricing, not Quicken. I've also submitted a problem with screenshots through the Quicken app as well. Hopefully, somehow, someday, someone may fix this.
  • Just an update - AAPL historical prices are having the same issue after the split. I noted this on other posts - some of the historical prices are post-split, creating rather wide yields. I agree this must be a pricing service error. The only fixes seem to be manually updating prices, or to download prices from another source and import into Quicken Rather unfortunate, especially since this is a primary objective of using Quicken.
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