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Finally Upgrading OS To Catalina

I'm finally being forced to step into the future by upgrading to a new Mac Mini running Catalina. Problem is that I have been using Quicken 2007 for Mac for that I am going thru with this, I need to be able to migrate all of my older Quicken files easily to whatever newer version I wind up getting. Question is then can I buy (or subscribe to) a version that is most like what I already have and use for simple checkbook reconciling as well as printing registers for tax time NOT need any of the bells and whistles that the newer Quicken versions feature like investment oversight, just interested in staying with Quicken as inexpensively as possible and with as little trouble installing on the Catalina-based Mini........any thoughts would be appreciated.....

Many thanks to you all for your information and patience. When I have an older but smoothly running 2012 late Mini running El Capitan and have made the decision to upgrade the Adobe appls. to CC, I'm still left with the Quicken question......also any thoughts about the RAM requirements to run AI and PS CCs? I upgraded the iold Mini to 16 Ggs and assume that I need at least that much if not 32 gigs.....



  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    There are only two options I can think of for you.

    One is to purchase a Quicken subscription and update all your files to the current Quicken format. You may not use all the features -- just as you don't in Quicken 2007 --  but it will do what you need. And it will give you a more reliable database and path for the future.

    The other is to install virtual machine software, and run an older version of macOS within the VM so you can continue to run Quicken 2007. I don't recommend this for most people, because selecting and installing virtual machine, then installing an old macOS  requires some amount of technical prowess. And the end result is you have the good ol' Quicken 2007 -- but it's still discontinued software with reliability issues that may not give you the longevity you'd want.
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  • Steven Reiss
    Steven Reiss Member ✭✭✭
    Thanks to you all. I decided to just break down and get a subscription to the most basic form of Quicken and then hopefully be able to open my present Quicken files in the new version.........Using an emulator is just too much for an old fart like me....Many thanks!!!
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