Conversion from Windows file - will it ever work?

Is there ANY chance that Quicken will implement SoldX and BoughtX transactions on the Mac side, I think that's the only hurdle standing in the way of a Windows file being converted properly to the Windows side (plus it's very nice doing those transactions in one step not 2)?

I just tried again to convert from Windows to Mac, from a Super-Validated data file. I have 33000 transactions plus all the other stuff - memorized transactions, online accounts, etc. From what I can tell from the reporting and logs, it converted fine except for approximately 1100 (one thousand, one hundred) transactions that needed to be corrected - from what I can tell, all SoldX and BoughtX transactions. My mutual fund balances were a disaster - probably 1100 transactions that improperly affect the account balance because only half the transaction is used.

With the Mac moving to an ARM architecture in the next 2 years (starting this fall), at some point I very well may lose my ability to run Quicken for Windows, without Parallels Virtualization, as I have for 20+ years. If I have to reconcile balances, lose integrity of transactions etc., I have to think long and hard about starting over with some other product that doesn't really fit my needs on the Mac. In any case, I run a virtual Windows VM on my Mac for one reason - Quicken. I pay them a yearly subscription, and Quicken a yearly subscription. 

Why is adding this one capability such a hurdle? Why isn't it a concern to Quicken that file conversions come across with dramatically incorrect balances, due to a function incompatibility between the products that are sold as a subscription together?

I would have written the CEO about this, but he never has offered any electronic contact information.

I hope someone sees this and I get a pleasant surprise that it's fixed some day soon, as I would like to stay on Quicken - but I suspect my days are numbered, sadly.


  • In a similar boat over here. I'm running. Q/Win in VMware Fusion because the Windows product is still better in some areas. I know file conversions are hard, but I expect that in the 2-3 year time frame a bunch of Windows users will want to migrate.
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    Don Awalt said:
    With the Mac moving to an ARM architecture in the next 2 years (starting this fall), at some point I very well may lose my ability to run Quicken for Windows, without Parallels Virtualization, as I have for 20+ years. 
    I know this doesn't address the underlying Quicken question, but I just thought I'd offer an opinion that Parallels will work on the Mac ARM machines, if not from Day One, sometime in the first year of ARM-based Macs. In fact, Parallels was part of Apple's demonstration of the ARM Macs this week. And Parallels has this blog post touting its close work with Apple moving forward.

    Now, what was missing from the demo, and the blog post, is whether Widows will work on Parallels on an ARM Mac. There are technical challenges and possible licensing issues with Microsoft, but it seems likely that the parties will find a way to make it work.

    As for the question which would make Parallels moot for you, well, there's no way to know if or when Quicken will improve the conversion process. Even if they choose not to support the BuyX/SellX/DivX transactions in Quicken Mac, it seems they could deal with splitting those transactions into two in the import process. There are hundreds of requests Quicken users have for the developers, and while they are making progress, the list seems never-ending. Any because people use Quicken so differently, what's a top priority for each of us is often different. I wish I had confidence the developers were even aware of all the issues that get raised on this forum, but I don't know if they are. 
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  • I'm in a similar boat. I use Parallels to run Quicken for Windows. I decided to try out Quicken for Mac. I open up my windows file and import. Something goes wrong. The account totals are wrong on some accounts. I don't get it. I'm honestly not sure how long I have been using Quicken now. 10 years or so... LIke you, I'd like to keep using it, but I'm no sure I'm going to waste my time if the conversion doesn't work well. Hopefully someone will take notice.
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    @linear2202  It's impossible to help troubleshoot based on the limited information you've provided. You might want to start a new thread and include more information about where you're finding discrepancies between your Windows and converted Mac accounts. "Something goes wrong" doesn't give any clue.

    You might also choose to utilize Quicken Support for help with your conversion attempt. If you use phone (not chat) support, thy can screen-share with you to see exactly what you're seeing. Quicken Support will not see or respond to your post here.
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