editing preset categories vs. creating new categories

I am new to Quicken and just in process of setting up. I've already set up my categories, in some cases by editing certain of the original Quicken preset categories, in other cases by creating a new category from scratch via the "New Category" button. In looking around the community at one point, I came across someone saying they had subsequently run into problems with certain categories, depending on which of the above methods had been used. But now I can't find that thread. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

So far I have linked a couple - but only a couple - bank accounts; and I haven't assigned any categories to any transactions yet. I'm wondering if, before I do so, I should go back and re-do my categories using one or the other method exclusively? I.e., either ONLY edit preset categories to serve my purposes, or ONLY create new categories; not both? If anyone has any insight on this I'd appreciate it.

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