Why am I getting this error: Please check internet connection and retry. [Error: NAME_NOT_RESOLVED]

I get the above error using Windows 10 and Quicken 2017. I had to get warranty work done on my computer and they restored the hard drive to the factory operating system. I reinstalled Quicken 2017 and tried to restore the data from a backup data file. The data file is password protected. When I enter the data file password, I get the error described above. Other threads suggested unchecking Use SSL and checking Use TLS in the Internet Properties Advanced. Those properties were already set. My internet is working fine so I know that is not the problem. I think it might have something to do with the expiration of internet updates starting in April 2020 for users of Quicken 2017. I am fine with using Quicken 2017 without internet updates. Does anyone have other suggestions? Thanks.

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