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Vanguard slight change to fund name - now an Admiral fund.

brkjak Member
Vanguard recently changed the name of a fund I own to be an Admiral fund. The name change is a different fee structure but otherwise everything was 1 for 1 without any change in value. Quicken originally removed the shares for the old name and did nothing else. What is the right way to convert the fund name and not lose any history? How do I get the new shares downloaded?


  • Sherlock
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    If the account supports multiple securities, the right way is to use the Mutual Fund Conversion wizard: open the register, select Enter Transactions, and Mutual Fund Conversion in the Enter transaction: pull-down menu.  If the Mutual Fund Conversion wizard doesn't produce the correct cost basis, I suggest using the Corporate Acquisition (stock for stock) wizard instead.  Note: If you use the Corporate Acquisition (stock for stock) wizard and hold the original security in other accounts, you should delete the Removed and Added action transactions introduced in the other accounts.

    If the account supports only one mutual fund, the right way is to allow the original account to support multiple securities, and perform the steps described above.  Then, you may create a new single security account for the new mutual fund, and move the Added action transactions from the original account to the new account.

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @brkjak,

    I had a similar conversion (from Vanguard "regular" shares to "Admiral" shares) about 5 years ago.  From an income tax perspective, this is not a taxable event.  And therefore both your "holding period" and "cost basis" in your the Admiral shares shares should be identical to those of the "regular" shares owned before the conversion. 

    How you go about recording it in Quicken might be complicated by how you are currently accounting for the cost basis.  To find out - go to:
    "Tools" > "Security List" > click on the name of the security > click on "Edit Security Details" > in the middle of the pop-up is "Use Average Cost" checked?

    Let us know and we'll go from there.


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  • volvogirl
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    To switch to Vanguard Admiral (I have several) you should use Corporate Acquisition (or the new Mutual Fund Conversion) and you have to manually calculate how many new shares you got for each ONE old share. Took me 3 times to notice that part.  So you may have to do some dividing on paper first. Don't worry if the price per share comes out fractionally different. Just be sure the # of shares and cost is accurate. 

    Most of my conversions to Admiral were for all the same # of shares.  So I just changed the name and symbol.  One fund was so close I just did an adjustment and removed .176 shares.  I had 536.743 shares before and they converted in only 536.567 shares.

    If you have it set up as a Single Mutual Fund (SMF) you need to edit the account and change it to No. 

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  • Ps56k2
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    edited June 2020
    brkjak said:
    Vanguard recently changed the name of a fund I own to be an Admiral fund.
    BTW - you might let us know which Vanguard fund you have...
    Also, it might not be just a "fund name change" -
    it's might be a totally different fund, with a different ticker symbol, ER cost, etc...
    BUT, as mentioned, the overall cost basis and market value should stay the same.

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  • Ps56k2
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    more crickets...

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