Pop-up Buttons Offscreen - URGENT PROBLEM!

Using Windows version R27.24 and previous versions, when there's a pop-up window, it's too large for my screen (which is 21" wide and 12" high) so I can't use the buttons. I've managed to work around this nuisance for years, which I think started when I asked for larger fonts because the default display was minuscule. This year, for the first time, I find myself unable to print ANY reports, which makes this Quicken USELESS for tax preparation! I can see the print menu but no way can I see the print button at the bottom. Moving the Windows bottom bar to the side of the screen doesn't help. I can't find any setting that fixes this problem. I've reported this problem previously but had no response. See Screenshot below.

Tax time is coming so PLEASE HELP!

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    Font size problems? Display issues? (Windows)

    If you are using a version of Quicken at the Quicken 2019 US R 19.44 patch level or newer and you have previously made the following Compatibility change, please undo the change.
    Users of other Quicken versions please try the following:

    • Close Quicken !!! (This process won't work while Quicken is running!)
    • Check the Compatibility tab settings in your Quicken Desktop program icon:
    • In the Windows Start Menu right-click the Quicken icon. Select "Open File Location". This brings up a Windows File Explorer window. Right-click the highlighted Quicken shortcut line item.
    • Go to the traditional Windows Desktop and right-click the Quicken program icon.
    • Now click Properties.
    • Select the Compatibility tab.
    • Uncheck all settings.
    • Windows 7, 8.1: Check "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". 
      Windows 10:  Check "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by:" and select "Application"  (also try the other available options repeating the entire procedure!)
    • Be sure to uncheck the "Run this program in compatibility mode for [older Windows version]" setting.
    • Click the "Change settings for all users" button.
    • Click Apply and exit.
    • Now start Quicken and see if that makes a difference.

    Some additional tuning suggestions:

    • Unless absolutely required, try not to use "View / Use large fonts"
    • Try setting the bank account registers to use a different font style or size: go to Edit / Preferences / Register, click the Fonts button and try different fonts.
    • Try adjusting the bank account registers' row height: go to Edit / Preferences / Register, choose among the available Row Height choices: Compact, Comfortable or Standard
    • If all else fails, try changing Windows Control Panel / Display options for "Make text and other items … smaller or larger" to use a different scaling level.


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    Thanks, Chris!

    So the options are:
    (1) Windows 10 -- Display Settings -- Scale 100%, or
    (2) Quicken -- View -- Large Fonts OFF

    Either way, the Print menu is now fully visible and the rest of the Quicken interface is too small to be comfortably read by older users.

    I suggest Quicken needs to perform the following steps:
    1. Find an older person with average vision around age 70 to test-drive new Quicken versions, and
    2. Fix your interface so your popups scale automatically to remain usable!
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    @jmrhide the real problems that they run into falls into two categories.

    One is the need to cram a lot of of information into a given set of pixels, and the other is the desire to minimize the work.

    In Windows development it is easier to create fixed size dialogs, so as you can see they tend to do that.  But at the same time people keep asking for more and more features and given that they have "plenty of pixels" on their screen they don't want this information spread out over several screens.

    The problem you are having could be resolved by having a resizable/scrolling dialog.

    On the other hand there are people that push these scaling up so much that not only are they off vertically they complain that they can't see enough of the register without scrolling (which they complain about too).  In other words scrolling isn't the "fix all" to everyone's complaint.

    At the being of this I said that screen size doesn't matter, and it doesn't to determine if the dialog will fit on the screen, but it does matter in a different way.  The larger it is for the same resolution/scaling the larger the text is.

    I personally run on two 28" (diagonal, 23"x15") with Quicken maximized on the second screen.  You have 1920 / 21" = 91 dots per inch.  Which is a pretty standard DPI.  Mine is 1920/23" = 83 DPI.  So just to start my text is already 10% larger than it would be on your screen.  But yeah I have to put on my glasses to read it.
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    So do the devs follow these discussions at all or should I take my complaint to another forum?
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    @jmrhide Well the developers do not monitor this forum, they are busy developing.   :)

    From what I understand "someone" is, probably the moderators see something and forward, but I wouldn't count on that.

    There are two approaches to give it more visibility.
    One is suggest it as an idea, this is how they take feature requests, and others can vote on it:

    Another way is to report it as a problem with: Help -> Report a problem
    And/or contact Quicken support: Contact Quicken Support

    You can of course do both submit as an idea and as a problem.
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    BTW I might point out something that is a misconception that a lot of people have.  For the most part developers don't get to decide on what they work on.

    That is decided by their boss and usually a committee (which may or may not include them).  As in the usual procedure is a group of people get together and look at the list of problems/features have been submitted and decide on priority and difficulty and then who to get to work on this or that.

    So having the developers hang out here is counter productive.
    They aren't the decision makers, and they aren't trained in talking to customers (can get a company in trouble), and the time they spend here is time that isn't spent doing their primary job.
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    Thanks for all your informative input! I'll try going through channels.
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