Unrealized gains show as income and expense in Income/Expense By Category reports

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This issue was part of a closed (and unresolved) discussion in 2019. It does not occur in dates of these reports, but does occur in the "year to date" version among others. it does not appear in Spending/Itemized categories. I am told by Quicken that the issue is now documented.


  • L. Mitchell Wein
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    I just called it in again as of 7/1/2020 and hopefully it will be fixed in one of the coming Quicken updates.
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    The built-in version of the Income/expense by Category report does not include investment accounts. Are you running a customized version of the report that does include these accounts?

    If you click on the gear to customize the report then click on the Advanced tab, is the "Include unrealized gains" box checked? This should be un-checked if you do not want the report to include unrealized gains.

    Also could you please explain what you mean by "does not occur in dates of these reports"?
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