Why a negative number of stock shares after sale?

I bought 1000 shares of stock ABC [example] then sold all 1000 shares a few days later. My holdings now show -1000 shares of the stock but it should be 0. I have been unable to resolve this. What can I do? Thanks.


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    Unfortunately it's a constant problem with quicken. Have the same issue with my etrade account. Usually I have to manually delete the sell then reenter it. And option trades are always a complete fail if you let them expire as are short sells. (Removed-Unhelpful-Rant)
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    Thanks for that depressing news. For me, this is a new problem. I've been using Quicken for 25+ years. Most of the time my stock purchases and sales are recorded appropriately. I did figure out a work around by messing with numbers and deleting and then manually entering sales. Time consuming and painful. Thanks again for your response.
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    @Donald Volkmann is the negative amount a very small number?

    What has changed recently is that in the past Quicken would round to 4 digits past the decimal point, and now it is rounding by 6.  Which of course was changed based on the requests for this from the users.

    So if you buy was rounded to 4 digits, and now the sells is rounded to 6, there might be an offset there.
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    Maybe the original purchase entry was wrong.  Or you didn't sell the right Security in Quicken.  When you enter the sale try checking the box to sell All Shares.

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