How to save category comparison report with collapsed subcategories

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Prior to 5.17 and 5.17.1 I created and saved two comparison category reports: one showing only the category headings (subcategories collapsed) and the other showing category headings and subcategories. Now I cannot retrieve or save a report with only the category headings. Curiously, I can prepare net worth reports with or without subcategory detail.

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    Hello Quicken Community!

    I am using the current version of Quicken Mac. When using the Transaction Report, is there a setting someplace so that they default to accounts/categories collapsed instead of always open? I find that there are often too many transactions so what I really want to see is only the summary and maybe go to one specific account/category and look inside.

    Now that I think of it, it seems that all lists or menus of accounts and categories should default to collapsed so you can efficiently go to exactly what you are looking for. I imagine that all Quicken users know that their broker accounts are under Investing, so don't need to scroll through a bunch of Banking accounts to find it.

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