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I have had an Investment Transaction Group for many years that I use for 401(k) contributions. It is scheduled for every 2 weeks, automatic entry. Starting in late May/early June, I noticed it was no longer entering the transactions on the scheduled dates.

When l look in Bills and Incomes Reminders, I see that the due date gets reset (as if the transaction group were processed). But the next date is 2 to 3 months in the future. (when I first notice this in June, the next schedule date was sometime in late August, When I notice it today -- July 3 -- the next schedule date was October 20.)

If I edit the transaction group to try to reset the due date to today (July 3), the group gets scheduled for July 31 (4 weeks later). If I go back and edit the Transaction Group again, it shows the due date as August 14 (6 weeks later). When I open the transaction to check the settings, the due date is advance another 2 weeks, even if I didn't change anything.

I thought about trying to recreate the Scheduled Investment Transaction Group, in case something had gotten corrupted, but the button for the Investment Type of transaction is greyed out.

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    Hi @Frankx
    Thanks for the reminder about selecting an Investment Account. It's been so long since I had to create a transaction group I had overlooked that.

    I deleted and recreated the group. So far, so good. It seems to be keeping the proper Due Date. I noticed one weird thing though when I first created the group: There are 10 transactions in the group, and when I first hit Save, the due date was updated 10 times, 2 days later for each iteration, all the way out to Nov 20. Once it was done, the final Due Date cycle back to today.

    I guess I'll have wait 2 weeks for the round of automatic entries to see if this is truly fixed.
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    Sounds good @rsohn!

    Get back to me if you have any additional issues going forward.

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