How do I get check numbers back in sync when printing checks? (Q Mac)

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Not a big issue but annoying to have to manually enter the correct starting check each time Is there a way to correct this in current version as it was correctable in the past.

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  • salomomp
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    Thanks for the prompt reply, John. Happy 4th !!
  • RCinNJ
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    I have had this exact problem since 5.15.1. Got tired of resetting the check number (which works for short time) and found this post.

    I also tried to use "Report a Problem" and received a message "An unexpected error occurred while sending your feedback report. Please verify that you are connected to the internet and try again." I don't know if this is temporary or not.  

    Here are screen shots from 6/22 and 7/10 showing that QM reverted to Check number 687. On 6/22 the number should have been #695 and on 7/10 the number should have been #700. I never experienced this until QM version 5.16
  • JohnGerling
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    edited July 2020
    I am having this same problem and I've spent some 4 hours with phone support on this and to this day it is still not fixed!!!!! Check numbers don't advance and I have to remember to select voucher checks. Everything works as advertised until I quit and restart Quicken then the problem is right back.


    Very Frustrated
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