Quicken won't allow restore from external hard drive

I went from Windows to MacBook Pro laptop. Got Quicken installed. I backed up from Windows. When I tried to restore to Quicken, I see the file, BUT it is greyed out so I cannot select it! Now what?

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    I backed up on and external hard drive.
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    It's not clear from your description what file you're trying to use -- is it your Windows backup file? If so, launch Quicken Mac, select File > New if it doesn't open to the Let's Get Started screen, and select to Start from Quicken Windows File, then navigate to your Windows file. Quicken then proceed to import your data. Quicken Mac and Quicken Windows are fundamentally similar, but far from identical, so you will have some adjusting and re-learning ahead of you.
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    Sorry for the confusion. I saved a backup file on my Windows laptop two days ago. I backed up on an external hard drive. I went to my MacBook. Opened quicken I now want to restore that last file I backed up. When I go to restore, I see and find the file, BUT, it will not allow me to "choose". The file is greyed out.
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    You're welcome.
    Have you finished your conversion yet?
    Please let us know if you run into any problems.
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