How does the restore process actually work? I just want to restore a deleted investment account

Hi guys,

I'd love to get some more detailed information on how the restore process on Quicken for Mac actually works.

About a week ago, I was cleaning up some hidden accounts, and I deleted some old investment accounts that I thought were empty. (I'm still getting used to the new interface and features that are different from Quicken 2007). It turns out that I was looking at the portfolio view; although that was empty, there were in fact some historical transactions in there, and I'd like those back, so I'm hoping to bring back those accounts.

I know that those deleted investment accounts are available in the backups that exist from a week ago, but since then, I've done an awful lot of work to my current Quicken file.

I don't know enough about the restore process to know if I can reach back into last week and "restore" the old file so that I can bring back those old investments accounts and stick them back in my current file.

I'm nervous about going back and restoring from last week's saved backup, and having all of the work that I've done between then and now being wiped out. Is the restore process "all or nothing"?

I've searched around the site here, but there's just not much detailed information on how the restore process actually works. Most of the information here is just "select a backup file and restore", with no mention of how that would actually work.

Any help/experience would be appreciated.


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    The "restore process" is very simple: you can restore a data file from a previous time. Period. There's no way (without some complicated and cumbersome workarounds) to selectively restore selected accounts or records. You can open an older backup file to look at or use as a reference for re-creating transactions in your current data file it that would be less work than going back a week and re-creating the work you've done since then. (You can't have two Quicken files open simultaneously, but you can take screenshots, or flip back and forth between two files.)
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  • bates-d
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    Okay, I know what my first feature request is going to be :-)

    Can I open the older version (as a restore) and then export the investment accounts that I need, close that backup file and import the accounts into my current Quicken data file?
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