Will the subscription work with Win7?

Recognizing Microsoft's decision to no longer support Win7 (that does not make the software non-functional) and therefore my choice to _not_ upgrade my complete computing systems ($1000s required to do so), will the new version work or not? Forcing a subscription service (that is significantly more expensive than previous versions) that also requires an expensive hardware (OS) change is not very nice.

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    From what I have seen on here some people have done it, but it isn't a supported configuration.

    Note in general using Windows 10 doesn't require a new computers.  Windows 10 is usually as efficient as Windows 7 and in some cases more efficient and the hardware drivers are pretty compatible.  So it is the price of the upgrade, which if you had done it when Microsoft was pushing it, would have been free.  But I see ads for even the professional version for as little as $40, like this one.
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    FWIW, you can still upgrade Windows 7 to 10 for free. Just Google Windows Windows 10 Update Assistant.
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  • Thanks for the comments all. I suppose the base question is: will it work? I am not prepared to change the OS on all of our systems, even if it is free - it isn't "broken" and doing so would "break" many other pieces of software we use frequently and the cost to upgrade everything would be ridiculous.
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    Short answer is - yes it will still work.  For how long? - and/or - will I have issues going forward? - are completely different questions...


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