A recent change makes impossible to delete a Quicken cloud account without sync on.

It is a bug that a person can't delete a Quicken cloud account without being in a data file that has Quicken cloud sync on.

Every time you create a data file and do anything with it that connects to online a Quicken cloud account is created.  If you then turn around and delete that data file the Quicken cloud account is still there.  It should be possible to clean up such accounts without resorting to turning on Quicken cloud sync in one of your data files.
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  • YingDave
    YingDave Member ✭✭✭✭
    Yes agree. It is also a little troubling that when you create a new file and do not turn on Cloud Sync, but Quicken creates a cloud file anyway! Many prefer not to have any data in the cloud.

    Created a new file called "Test" - no cloud sync allowed, then go back to my main file which has cloud synch turned on, go to Preferences, Q_ID&Cloud Account, "Cloud accounts associated with this ID" 2, open the link and the main file + "Test". Once you delete the cloud file it is gone, but it creates one regardless of what you set up - and worse you don't know because if you choose never to setup cloud synch, it will not display that you have a file on the cloud!
  • Chris_QPW
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    @YingDave just to be clear, it isn't the creating of a Quicken cloud account that is the problem.  That account is used for many things other than Quicken Web/Mobile.  Like for the the credit card score, X-Ray portfolio, Zillow, Online bills, and many other services.  So they have to create it, but that doesn't mean that your accounts/transactions/budgets are stored there.  That requires you turning on the Sync.

    The main problem is that given that people create and delete Quicken files and never turn on sync they shouldn't be required to clean up the Quicken cloud accounts where the data file is long gone by having to turn on Sync in one of those data files.

    This is quite new.  You use to be able to see/delete the Quicken cloud accounts associated with all your data files without turning on sync.
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