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The new dashboard is showing inconsistent information if no changes so far today (e.g., before 6PM if only have mutual funds). The top of the screen shows the following information when changes today:

TOTAL VALUE ___________________ TODAY'S CHANGE
$ nnn,nnn ___________________ $ nnn (n.nn%)

* If I start Quicken and go to the Investing tab with Dashboard as the page to initially display, I see the headings, but no numbers.

* If I click on the Portfolio tab, and then the Dashboard tab, I see nothing under Total Value, no Today amount, but the percentage is showing "(0.00%)".

* If I change from "All accounts" to "Investing only" using the drop-down in the upper left hand corner of the tab, the Total Value and Today amounts and percentages show

* If I click on one of the securities, I get a Security Details popup. If I close it, the Total Value and Today amounts and percentage are gone.

* If I resize the page, the numbers appear again.

* If the numbers are missing, but I move the Quicken window off the monitor and then back, or minimize then restore, the numbers appear.

It would appear that the code path to initially display the screen vs the code path to re-display the screen are different.

I haven't tried this procedure when there is data for today, but will try it this evening.

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  • I get the same issue but resolve it differently. When running the one step update, the investing/ portfolio does not update until I click UPDATE/QUOTES dropdown. Then all numbers sync. This changed last week with the update to version R27.28 build
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    Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to share the details of your experience with the community.

    I am also experiencing this behavior and will be investigating further to better understand the intended behavior and User experience for this brand new dashboard view.

    Once I have more information and clarification, I will be back to share.  I appreciate your patience and in the meantime, if there are any further questions/concerns that the community may assist with, please let us know.

    Thank you again,

  • Robert Chiarulli
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    I am also having difficulty syncing the dashboard with the portfolio view. Sometimes the individual stock prices on the dashboard view agree with the portfolio view, sometimes they do not. The total portfolio value never agrees between the dashboard and the portfolio view.
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    On the total portfolio value mismatch issue, I would look for old account(s) that have a zero balance elsewhere in Quicken but a positive balance in the Dashboard. I had one of these - an Employee stock option plan - that was hidden.

    Selecting Custom in the Accounts dropdown at the top of the Dashboard then un-selecting Show hidden accounts and clicking on Select all removed all the hidden accounts from the Dashboard and made the balances agree.
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