Share amounts match, but dollar amounts are not equal

Hello all. I have downloaded my wife financial information for her employer's 401(k). At the end of 2019, they switched from Prudential to Cigna. Through an error on my part, I did not start downloading information until recently.

The issue I have is that the amount of shares in Quicken do match what is being reported on the website. However, the dollar value of the fund is not matching. Is there a way to make what the website is reporting match Quicken?



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    Update the price history.  You can just right click on the security and edit the price history to check or add a new price.  I don't download but manually enter my investments.  When I'm done with a statement I change the date on the Quicken Portfolio to the ending statement date to compare the # of shares and value and price per share.  I don't worry if the price per share is off.  You only need to have the right # of shares.  The value might be off a couple dollars due to rounding.  As long as the # of shares is right you should be ok.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    VolvoGirl - please accept my apologies. I did not ask my question very well due to being very very tired.
    What I forgot to mention was that though the share amounts match between Quicken and the 401k website, due to me not downloading the first few months of the year, I only have specific transactions from March 28 of this year to present.
    So, in the end, still missing the transactions from January to end of March but have the correct share amount overall. I did try and manually enter a few transactions, but that did mess up my overall share amount.

    I appreciate your assistance on this and once again, accept my apologies for asking this question very poorly.
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    I suspect that Quicken may have created one or more Placeholder transactions to account for your missing transactions and this may be contributing to the problem.

    Go to Edit > Preferences > Investing Transactions and make sure Show hidden Transactions is checked so these will be visible in your transaction list (register)

    A placeholder forces the share balance to match the downloaded balance.

    Before adding any missing transactions, you should back up your data file, then note the date and number of shares in the Placeholder and delete it

    Once the placeholder has been deleted, you can add any missing transactions and the account's cash and share balances will reflect the changes you have made.
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    When you enter investment transactions, please always enter
    • number of shares, Commission and Fees, total amount
    Let Quicken calculate the price per share to as many decimal places as it can.
    This eliminates the rounding difference when you record
    • number of shares * price per share - Commission and Fees
    using an imprecisely reported (rounded or truncated) price per share.
    With the first method you'll always have correct number of shares in your Holdings and the transaction amounts will match when you reconcile the account.
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