Unable to re-establish online connection to Schwab

I’ve had a Schwab account for years and Quicken has accessed and update from it during that whole time.

A few days ago it quit updating, displaying the OL-295 error message.

Following the Quicken guidance;

I’ve tried to reset the account, to no effect.

I’ve deleted the online access.

I’ve tried to re-establish online access but Quicken requires a PIN before can select “Connect”. I’ve don’t have a PIN for the account. I’ve entered 0000 or my Schwab passcode and I continue to get the same message.

I’m awaiting a reply from Schwab. Unfortunately I don’t understand why this has stopped working this week when nothing else has changed.

Any ideas appreciated?

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  • BAKanyon74
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    Schwab has confirmed online access to the account was authorized and that there were no problems on their end.

    However, it appears the problem was trying to set up an online connection through a VPN (the one I was using was outside the US). Once I disconnected from the VPN I was able to establish the online access.


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