Quicken 2014 Deluxe files conversion PC to Mac

I am running 2014 Quicken Deluxe on my old PC which is failing. I have saved all of my Quicken files. What version Quicken should I buy for my MacBook Air. Is the conversion of all my files & reports easy?


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    Tens of thousands of words could be written in response to such a seemingly simple question. ;)  

    If Quicken Deluxe meets your needs currently, then Quicken Deluxe is what you should purchase now.

    The short answer is that your data files should generally convert easily and well. Reports, though, will not convert; the reports engine is very different between Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac, and the converter doesn't attempt to convert them, so you will have to re-create your reports in Quicken Mac.

    You should read these two Quicken Support pages to some tips on doing the conversions:


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