How do I "update now" a second time?


I had major naming-rule issues today for some reason after downloading my latest transactions from my bank. This was after an update, I think. Anyway. Most of the rules were messed up- seriously - all but 1.

So, I deleted all of the rules with the intention of starting over. I also deleted all of the downloaded yet unreconciled transactions. It will not import my transactions again. I've done this before. Was this convenience taken away? How do I download or "update now" my transactions a second time using webconnect? I tried downloading the QFX file and importing that way, but that did not work, either. I seriously lose my mind if I have to manually input all of these transactions.

Thank you!

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  • splasher
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    Quicken uses a downloaded field named FITID to prevent duplicates from being downloaded and presented for acceptance into the same account.
    Now, depending on how many, you could create a new temp account, download into it, then move the transactions from the temp to the original account.  The only problem with this is that you will probably experience duplicates the first time you download into the "old" account since the d/l feed was restarted and the FITIDs will be different.  If the account is setup for Direct Connect downloads, the dups should not be a problem.
    I would just bite the bullet and enter the missing transactions manually, rebuild the Renaming Rules. 
    In the future, DO NOT DELETE downloaded transactions and hope to redownload, it does not end well.  In this case, you would have been better off just fixing the Payees in the register and rebuilding the Renaming Rules.

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  • tryingcake
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    > @volvogirl said:
    > You would have to restore a backup from before you downloaded so they will be new and download again.  Maybe that's what you did before.  Make sure you have a recent current backup before you update.  Then if something goes wrong you can go back.

    Thank you!! It has been so long I forgot about working off of the backup. Luckily, I back up every time I close out. So, this should not be a problem. Thank you!
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