Impossible to Use

Step 1: I logged in as normal
Step 2: Software performed an automatic update
Step 3: I had to log in again
Step 4: I get message that I must enter the code to activate
Step 5: I check my subscription status to enter the code from my existing valid subscription and see that my subscription is "ACTIVE" and expires March 29, 2021
Step 6: I try to do an online update of accounts and get message "Your membership has expired. Please renew to perform the requested action"
Step 7: I check subscription status to purchase another subscription and get message: "You currently have an active membership that is valid until March 30, 2021"
Step 8: I try to log in again, and the software tries to log onto the web site - when I enter my log in credentials, I get message "Oops! Something went wrong."
Step 9: I see no way to use my software because it won't allow me to login. I have urgent need to use the software but Quicken has designed it so that licensed users can't use it whenever they want to use it.
I am VERY disappointed in my decision to continue paying more money to keep using Quicken year after year. I will now seek a competitor who doesn't leave me stranded, unable to complete my urgent transactions. It is sad when I can't even log into the software - I am totally locked out of my accounts. What kind of software engineering degree do I have to posses in order to understand how to use this software? Going back many years ago, I don't recall having problems with Quicken like this.

Any help is appreciated.

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