Quicken Deluxe will stop accepting sale transaction till it is restarted

This is a problem than has existed for a while. Quicken deluxe desktop in Windows 10.

I will be accepting downloaded sale transactions in an investment account, when suddenly Quicken stops accepting transactions. By which I mean, I click on "Accept", but that transaction just never gets accepted. Previous transactions were accepted fine. Quicken is not frozen, cursor works, but repeat attempts at accepting transactions (in this or other accounts) don't go ahead.

**Switching to another investment account: same thing happens. Transaction does not get accepted. so, it is not account specific.

**Temporary workaround I discovered is: exit Quicken and restart quicken.
Now the transactions that could not be accepted can now be accepted normally. That is clicking on "Accept" now works.

It's almost as if Quicken runs out of memory, but I have 8 Gb of ram on a fast laptop with Windows 10.

Is this a known bug?

Can it be solved?

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  • Jerry2
    Jerry2 Member ✭✭
    Ah! Thank you.

    I'm not sure which accept button I used when this problem occurs. Next time it happens I'll try your suggestion. I assumed it was a quicken running out of memory problem. Even worse, i was worried about a potential data corruption error. Has it happened to you or someone else?

    Thank you again.
  • Jerry2
    Jerry2 Member ✭✭
    Thank you.
    As long as it is not causing calculation errors it is a minor concern. I do not recall this particular bug existing prior to 2-3 years ago. It's relatively reassuring to know others have experienced something similar.

    I worry about multiple small errors accumulating and remaining hidden and unnoticed for years until one day Quicken crashes with corrupted irretrievable accounts. Backups are only useful for recent problems.
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