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Am I the only one less then enthused about the new Bill Manager? I’ve been trying to figure it out since the change was announced several months ago but it still has me baffled.

About a six weeks ago I linked a credit card in Quicken to the issuing bank. I’ve ran One-step at least once a week since then, but nothing has ever seemed to happen with the account – no transactions downloaded or notifications of a new bill.

Today I decided to link a 2nd credit card from the same issuing bank. Each credit card has a different username and password associated with the card. After linking the second credit card I ran One-Step. As far as I can determine no transactions were downloaded but Bill Manager then reported the exact amount (to the penny) was due in each account.

Compared to Bill Pay the new Bill Manager seems to be needlessly complicated.

At this point I think I’ll go back to paying my bills directly through my local banks website and not use Bill Manager.

I’ve been a loyal Quicken user for decades starting before Quicken even worked with a mouse but this revision has me scratching my head.

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