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Payee is not available in some reports (Q Mac)

jeff42@[email protected] Member ✭✭
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I have a few saved reports and on some of them, the option to select payee under columns is not available even though they were there before. I created the report and then just changes the dates of the report so they should be the same.


  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta ✭✭✭✭
    Can you give more specifics about what you are trying to do?
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  • jeff42@[email protected] Member ✭✭
    Basically I created a report a few years ago and the next year I customized the report to include the items for the year and saved it as a different report. I did that for the current year.

    When I go to the Columns tab there are no options to select payee on one of the reports but the other 2 have that option. They are simple reports just having the payee, date, and amount.
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta ✭✭✭✭
    @[email protected] It's hard to know what report you originally used from your description. You're saying it's a "simple report just having the payee, date, and amount" but that it doesn't include the Payee? So it's just a list of dates and amounts, with nothing else?? Or are you saying the Payee is there but you can't select it -- that is, double-click the Payee name to see the detail transactions for that Payee?

    A partial screenshot (hiding amounts or any personal data) might help. 

    Alternatively, have you tried creating a new report? In the latest version, there are lots of pre-configured reports, but you can create a custom report by pulling down the Reports menu from the top application menu bar (not the blue bar) and selecting Create Transaction Report. Do you want a report grouped by Category, or just a report of all your Payees within a time period. If the latter, select Row: Payee and click the Continue to Customize button. On the Customization pane, you can set the date range you want; you can also exclude certain accounts (for instance, if you wanted your checking and credit card accounts, but not your investment accounts). Click OK and you'll get a report, grouped and sorted by Payee, of all your transactions in the given time period. I'm still not sure if this is what you're wanting, so post back with more description if I'm going down the wrong road.
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