Quick Pay has no error handling / feedback from biller - might pay different amounts without notice

Hi, I started using quicken and check free back in 1986. I have always had trust in the system until now. I just used quickpay to pay Republic Services (Garbage in Las Vegas). I typed $46.65 - It first said processing, then a few hours later reported paid. So I am thinking done, but later I get a confirming e-mail with $50.19 as the amount. I manage to go to the billers website, cancel the incorrect amount. I contacted support (reference 7797591) - was basically told functions as designed. In this case the biller " don’t support paying it partially from Quicken" so It simply pays a different amount without providing any feedback or error.

In this case the difference is only $3.54 but apparently any biller that does not support "partially" from quicken - it will simply schedule a full amount of whatever might be on file at the biller with no feedback.. The confirming e-mails from quicken had the incorrect amount in it but it does not produce an error.

So with quick pay - you have to verify at each billers website what has been scheduled because quicken provides no error handling or feedback... This is shocking to learn! In my opinion this is a total and complete Fail - making this service unsafe to use.

The check pay is not an option either because its too slow. The bill is due on 7/20 - even though the bill is dated 6/31, I did not get the paper bill until the 9th. Over the weekend I canceled the incorrect amount. The 3.54 is a late fee from over a year ago that I refuse to pay - they make all kinds of mistakes, are slow to process. The check pay takes a full 7 days to an honest company.

Most important - after using quick pay for about 2 months now or so - I understand how it works - Its kind of a hack to the billers website that does a on-line ACH payment using your checking information - Its not a solid robust money transfer with feedback. If the transaction fails for any reason the quicken application does not report an error. Right now the canceled payment for $46.65 says "paid" in quicken - with a thunderbolt and a nice green checkmark. The quicken app does not provide any feedback that the amount was changed or the transaction canceled. This is not a service that is ready for release. I want to use the https://login.web.quickenbillpay.com/7511/ quicken bill pay until some form of error handling gets incorporated into quicken for quick pay.

Quick Pay has no error handling, feedback , reporting - it's up to you to see if it works. If the biller does not support this or that - the amount you pay might be increased without your knowledge - no notice or error given. It's an incomplete and dangerous service to use. I need to find a different bill pay to use after Aug 31 until quicken addresses the error handling issues. I prepaid my subscription - kind of wishing I had not now, quick pay is not a replacement for quicken bill pay. The check pay limit of 3 per month at least needs a big increase until quick pay gets fixed. I could put up with check pay for other utilities outside of republic as a work around if you allowed much more then 3 per month.

Overall very disappointed - can't believe the amount to be paid can be changed by the system without providing any feedback or notice !


  • avpman
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    Agree, this is NOT ready for prime time. I have zero confidence in it. I am going to pay my bills from my financial institutions' website until this is working better. BTW- be VERY careful when you go to pay a bill - it automatically defaults to recurring payment!
  • douglasfenton
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    I am researching other options now - Chase who I am using for checking charges $10 for quicken direct connect - I have never used chase bill pay. I understand Schwab supports direct connect , but I like having the checking separate. I am just disappointed in quicken , I am depending on the quicken billing pay, they are dropping it with very little notice. I started using quick pay, it originally worked ok, until i realized the problems with it. It might be certain payees work better than others - but how do you know in advance, you don't know until you discover problems.
  • Chris_QPW
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    thanks for reply,

    I am researching other options now - Chase who I am using for checking charges $10 for quicken direct connect 
    Chase only charges the $10 if it is a business account.  For personal accounts you can get it and bill pay for free.  And bill paying this way is the most reliable method, even better than Quicken Bill Pay.
    This is my website: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/
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    I agree with the above comments. I predict widespread disasters when people move to Quick Pay. Out of 7 accounts, 3 are unable to establish a Quick Pay account (National Grid (Gas), my local Electric Company and Capital One). This is going to be awful...
  • David Goodman
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    I had a similar problem with Quick Pay last month to Verizon Wireless. Quicken reported the bill was paid successfully via Quick Pay but a week later I noticed that the charge had not been processed by my checking account. Checked the Verizon website and saw that my bill had not been paid, and was now in arrears! No warning in Quicken at all. Reported to Quicken in ticket #7859777. I had been using Quicken bill pay for decades, but this failure destroys all of that trust. I've stopped using Quick Pay - too dangerous!
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