How do I remove an old account from Investing Performance Average Annual Return graph?

I have several old accounts that have now been closed / hidden for over 5 years. However, on the Investing / Performance / Average Annual Return graph shows all my accounts whether they have been hidden and/or closed. I now have several with "N/A" showing for 1 Year, 3 Year and 5 Year performance. I would like to clean off these old accounts.

On the Investing / Porfolio screen, there is an option to "customize current view" where accounts can be selected or removed. Whether or not an account is selected for the Portfolio screen, no change to the Performance screen. The only options in the Average Annual Return graph section bring up windows when selected for individual security performance and prices.

How can I show only accounts that have transactions over the last 5 years on this graph?


  • Jim_Harman
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    In the investment Performance Report (not the home screen) click on the gear at the top right of the report, select the Accounts tab, and pick the Accounts you want to see
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  • bwest1
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    That's not it... When I pull up the Investment Performance Report and select the "customize" gear, I verified the accounts I'm trying to remove from the Average Annual Return section on the screen are already not selected.

    My issue is with the graph on the Investing / Performance tab. There are 3 sections to that screen, Portfolio Value vs Cost Basis, Growth of $10,000, and Average Annual Return. There is a pulldown option at the top of that screen to pick accounts to view. All of my old and closed accounts are listed in that pulldown in the format AccountName (Inactive). If I select All Accounts, Investing Only or Retirement Only in the pulldown, only some of the inactive accounts show up in the Average Annual Return section with "N/A" while others do not. If I select the account I'm trying to remove from Average Annual Return section of the page or any other Inactive account, I get "no data is available" or "no accounts in the selected group" error messages in the three sections of the screen.
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    Hello @bwest1,

    Thank you for providing this additional information, although I apologize that you have not yet received a follow-up response.

    If you are still experiencing this issue, I suggest contacting Support directly for more advanced assistance.

    Support has access to tools and information that the Community does not have, including the ability to screen share with you, and can best work with you towards identifying a solution.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Natalie

  • Jim_Harman
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    I assume you are using the current version of Quicken. There were problems selecting accounts and securities here in some earlier versions.

    All three displays on the Investing > Performance tab are controlled by the selection drop-downs at the top. If you want to control which accounts are included, click on the dropdown then choose Custom...

    To see all your accounts, select Show (hidden accounts) at the bottom of the Customize window. Any accounts that are checked in this list will be included in the displays on this page. 
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