Debt Reduction plan not using actual payment plans

I set up a debt reduction plan, and noticed the plan that got created is WAY off. One of the significant contributors to the numbers being skewed is my Home mortgage. If the debt reduction plan would use the actual Mortgage account and amortization schedule that is set up for in bill pay, the numbers would be ok. But instead the planning tool just assumes a fixed percentage goes to principal, which is way off.

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  • Chris_QPW
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    From what I have seen the Debt Reduction planner is quite simplistic and in some cases it doesn't even handle things right (like the minimum payment), and if I was betting on it the developers really never thought that your Mortgage would be included in it.

    For most people when they talk about "getting out of debt" they don't include their mortgage.  After all they "bought" their house.   ;)
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  • tybo1mos
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    So any plans to update is? Can I submit a bug report somewhere to get an update on the schedule?
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