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Can you have the most recent date column first (Q Mac)

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It's been a while since I had the Windows version of Quicken but the reports seemed more flexible. I note that the recent update "helps" but it is still not as good for us Mac users.
Question for the last 12 months report I have to scroll right to view the most recent column. Is there a setting that reverses the view so the most recent column is on the left hand side?


  • John_in_NCJohn_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    No, those reports are relatively static. You won't be able to swap or reverse the month's order.
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Probably not, but tell us what report you are referring to. There are some reports in Quicken Mac that got inherited from the 2010-era Quicken Essentials program that was the predecessor to the modern Quicken Mac. Those old reports had pretty limited customizability, which is one of the reasons the current development team went back to the drawing board and built an entirely new reports engine and user interface. The "old" reports remain in the program for users who have existing reports they use, but they will eventually be eliminated once there are "new" reports to replace them all.

    So if you're referring to an "old" report like Net Worth Over Time or Spending Over Time, there is no way to change the column order. If you're talking about a "new" report like "Category Summary by Month, you also can't reverse the order of the months. But on most reports, you can limit the number of months -- perhaps to the past quarter or last 90 days -- so you don't have to scroll horizontally to see the total column on the right side. 
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  • The report I would really like from newest to oldest would be the "Last 12 Months".
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    "Last 12 months" is a date range; that date range setting can be used in lots of reports (transaction detail, summary, net worth over time, etc.). But as John said originally, there's no way to specify you want the columns reversed from most recent to oldest. Sorry.

    If that's really important to you, you may want to export the report to a spreadsheet, and then in Excel or Numbers move the columns around. That's not particularly easy or elegant, but it would get you what you want with a minute or two of work. 

    If you just want to compare two months, like last month to the month before, you can do that with a Comparison report, which allows you to enter two date ranges in the order you want them listed. But this only works for two time periods, not 12.

    You could also create a new post here as an Idea thread to request that this option be added to columnar reports (but I wouldn't expect to see this functionality added anytime soon).
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  • Thanks to both you and John. Not elegant agreed but if needs must. I would like this option but I suspect that there are more important updates required so will leave it for the time being.
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