How do you put the Banking information into a memorized transaction so it never changes?

When entering a "New" Memorized Transaction" How do you put the banking information (Bank, Credit Card etc) in the original entry, so, it will be there everytime you drag and drop from the calendar?


  • Tom Young
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    Tools > Memorized Payee List > check the box under the "Lock" column next to the memorized item you don't want changed.
  • sandeano
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    I know how to do that, but how do you get your payment information in there like what credit card you use or what bank you use, and have that stay in the memorized transaction?
  • volvogirl
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    After you enter a real transaction in a register you can memorize it Ctrl+M.  Then go lock it. Should be pretty straight forward.

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  • jrich75
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    I don't use the calendar often but I'll take a stab at this.  There is no longer a Memorized Transaction List, it has become the Memorized Payee List.  The Payee list does not include information about the funding source used to make payment. 
    If I bring up the calendar, all my Income & Bill Reminders show.   Reminders include information about how a payment is made.  I'm not sure how drag & drop works with the calendar but if you have entered a transaction for a new payee, you can highlight it in the funding account and use Schedule (under Edit, Transaction) to created a reminder which should include the funding information used for the payee and add it to other reminders shown in the calendar.  If you need to change the payment information you should be able to just edit the reminder using Manage Bill & Income Reminders (under Tools) to change schedule or funding information.

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