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How do I filter out reviewed transactions in a custom transactions report in Quicken for Mac 2020?

Quicken does a great job syncing transactions between the Mobile application and the Desktop version. I can easily attach a receipt to a transaction and sync it with Quicken on my laptop. Plus in the mobile application, I can mark a transaction as "Reviewed". The desktop experience is still superior to me because of the ability to create custom reports. However, the data attribute for "Reviewed" does not appear to be visible anywhere in the desktop app. What's up with that? Seems like a big feature gap.

Questions for the Community and Quicken Team:
- Is "Reviewed" in Mobile the same thing as "Clr" in the desktop?
- Is there a way for me to add a column to my accounts transaction ledgers for "Reviewed"?
- Can I create a report today to lets me find "Unreviewed Transactions by {Timespan}", and if not, when will that feature be available?


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  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Howdy, hackthemainframe:

    It has been a while since I used Mobile, but the functionality should be the same. (This feature wasn't available in the past in Mobile.)

    "Reviewed" exists in the Desktop version, and it relates to whether or not you have reviewed downloaded transactions. It is not the same thing as Cleared-the former relates to if the transaction has cleared the bank. If you download transactions, then all transactions will come through as cleared.

    In the desktop version, the "Reviewed" criteria shows up in the Status column. Where is that you ask? That is the column with the dot as the header, and it is displayed by default:

    That column shows clocks for scheduled transactions, orange pencils for manually entered transactions, blue transactions for manually entered that have been matched to a download, and blue dots for a transaction that has simply been downloaded. (There are other icons for Bill Pay, but that is another topic.) When you "review" a transaction, the column becomes blank.

    You can click on that icon to mark the transaction as reviewed via the subsequent popup. You don't have to use this column/review transactions, and there are preferences regarding how it behaves (such as when reconciling).

    There is no report to generate to see unreviewed transactions, but there is a Filter at the top of the register (Any Status) that you can change to Not reviewed). That would be the easiest way to see all your unreviewed transactions. You can click on Clear Filters to remove the filter when done.

    Note: Manually entered transactions entered in accounts not setup for online access will automatically be reviewed/have blank column as you manually typed it it. There is no reason to review it in this case.
  • hackthemainframe
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    Thanks for the quick response! That was very helpful information and very clear.

    Do you or anyone here know if there is an update to Reports coming soon that would let me filter a report by Status?

    I believe that would be a super useful feature for reviewing transactions across multiple accounts.

  • John_in_NC
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    edited July 2020
    Hi, again, Corey:

    Well, you actually can do what you want, even if it isn't a canned report. Are you aware you can print the register as a report? This is a very powerful feature of the new Quicken for Mac.

    For example: choose All Transactions in the sidebar to traverse all accounts, and set the Status Filter to "Not Reviewed" like I noted above, Then, choose Print, and notice the various options. You can print this as a transaction or Category detail report using all the columns you have displayed. Play around with it. Instead of actually printing the reports, use the Open in Preview option to see how the various options work.

    Using filters, live searching, selecting/deselecting transx, and sorting via different columns, you can become very creative in generating new reports. Check it out!

    I personally use live searching to generate quick reports to answer questions more often than I do creating new reports.
  • hackthemainframe
    hackthemainframe Member ✭✭
    Thanks Jacobs and John!

    The All Transactions register with a Status filter will do what I am looking for. However, I do think it would be a valuable filter for Reports as it will enable me to run more complex queries against my transaction data with fewer clicks.
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