Why does investment data throw my checking balance off? Help

I have been a long time user of quicken. I tried to input investment data years ago. Recently I tried to update some of my investment data. I realized that my balance in my checking account was altered by changes in my investment account. Is there a way to isolate and use the portfolio aspect of the program without allowing it to mess with my checking account balances? I am sure that my earlier attempt at inputting investment data may have included account transfers, it would take hours to sift through years of my quicken checkbook data to find the culprit.

Looking for a quick fix.



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    Turn on the Transfer column in the register (menu View > Columns). The click the Transfer column header to sort by that column. All transactions that are transfers will be grouped together. For any that should not be transfers, you can clear the checking account from the Transfer column which will remove the corresponding transaction in the Checking account register.

    For future entries, if you leave the Transfer column viewable, you will easily see if a transfer is being entered. Note that the Transfer field is only usable in Investment accounts for transactions of type Payment/Deposit.

    If a Payment/Deposit transaction for a given payee is consistently defaulting as a transfer, then open menu Window > Payees & Rules. Click the Quickfill Rules tab and search for that payee. Delete the QuickFill entry that is generating the transfer.
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    Another possibility is that your investing account is set to "Show cash in a checking account" and you have been using the linked checking account as your main checking account.

    In this case the checking account will have a name like "investing account - checking". If so please post back for further instructions.
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